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Northwich Library on Witton Street

A Brine Romance - Salt and Food Exhibition
Lion Salt Works
Tuesday 20th October 2020 - Sunday 3rd January 2021
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‘A Brine Romance: Salt and Food’ will explore mankind’s complex relationship with salt – why it makes food taste so good and how it has been a crucial ingredient in many of our favourite foods.

It will also answer questions like ‘why does tequilla taste so good with salt? and ‘why do you add a pinch of salt to pastry?’.

Today, salt is a readily available, moderately-priced commodity but historically it was enormously valuable commodity over which wars were fought.

This exhibition offers insights and background into salt’s fascinating history and how it came to be used in the foods we eat today – from ketchup and soya sauce to corned beef and cheese.

It also explores how salt was used to preserve foods; how it affects our taste buds and how and why it is used in ceremonial foods for many of the world’s religions.  

To ensure the safety of staff and visitors, the Lion Salt Works Museums has introduced revised opening times and pre-booking for all its museums. 

To guarantee admission, places must be booked in advance. 

To pre-book a visit, contact the Museum on 01606 275066.

Opening times and booking procedures may change at short notice, please check this website before planning a visit. 

Please Note: Whilst we strive to keep our information up to date, this information can change without notice.
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Lion Salt Works
Ollershaw Lane


Please Note: The information regarding this event was correct at the date of publication. Whilst we strive to keep our information up to date, this information can change without notice. Please check with the event before attending.

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